Monthly Archives: May 2020

Dear God

Worm Quartet with a little ditty about prayer.
And how not to do it.
Worm Quartet is actually Shoebox, one half of
Baldbox, illegitimate son of Sandbox, brother
of Catbox.
I could be wrong, I am highly unreliable and I
detest fact checking, it is beneath me.

Spring Training

The Coalition of Unified Men with some baseball humor.
I’m not a fan myself but it does have a place in society.
My father used to plunk his sweet self down in front
of the old television, switch on a ballgame between two
cellar dwelling teams and promptly fall asleep.
We’d wake him up two and a half hours later with the
score tied, one run each, at the bottom of the ninth.
He knew what he was doing…

30,000 Pounds of Bananas

It’s been a while since I played this on the show.
An entertaining tune by the late, great Harry Chapin.
Brother Tom Chapin, and Big John with backing vocals.
Based on a true story on an event that occurred in
1965, a large delivery truck was delivering the fruit to
Scranton, Pennsylvania when it lost control on a large
hill, hitting speeds of almost 100 mph, the only loss
of life was the driver, one Eugene P Sesky.
Humorous and well done, a tune for the ages…

Hey Rocky!

There weren’t many decent television shows on in
the early 60’s, The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show was one.
Unique animation for the time, a sublime sense
of humor and a brand of satire that was unheard of.
It poked fun at pop culture, it mocked the power
structure, and it made us all laugh while doing so.
In short, it was way ahead of it’s time.
William Conrad was the voice behind the narrator,
Bill Scott was Bullwinkle J Moose, June Foray as
Rocky, and Paul Frees played the part of Boris Badenov.
For a while is was the coolest show on the tube.
In 1986 this tribute piece was created.
Just say the name…