Monthly Archives: June 2020

Street Cred

MC Mr Napkins, aka Zach Sherwin, with a
neat little tune about living a life of crime
and always trying to keep one step ahead
of the law.
I just described a jaywalker.
Zach cut his teeth in the Boston area and
expanded his game with some righteous
throwdowns in the Epic Rap Battles of
History arena.
He has talent, I’ll give him that, some of his
material really stands out.
The search for street cred continues…

The Miner

The late, great Robbie Benoit was a heck
of a story teller.
I love playing his material on the show, it’s
interesting and humorous.
He worked in the Yukon mines for many
years, leaving only after falling down a shaft
and hurting himself pretty badly.
He took up dog breeding and actually won the
2001 Westminster Dog Show Best of Breed
with his dog Oscar, a Komondor.
He lives on, maybe not in body but his spirit
and his works still entertain us.
Tales from the mines…

Duck-Billed Platitudes

This is a killer joke, one of the best ever written,
in my humble opinion.
It’s simple but it does so much.
I give Emo Philips a lot of credit, his humor is
well though out and quite clever.
More importantly, his jokes work very well for
his style, no accident that.
I’ve always considered him to be a very underrated
stand-up comedian.
Short and very sweet…

What’s in My Hotdog

A Summer classic by Steve Goodie.
Yes, I suppose you could nosh on the demented
little pink things all year long but I think of
picnics, camping, and days at the beach when
the topic is brought up.
And, again yes, I suppose you “could” do all those
things in the Winter months but that would mean
that you are special and this post isn’t really aimed
at those that eat their SpaghettiOs with a shovel.
I don’t type this to cause trouble, but if you have any
free time do a net search for a “how to” on the
creation of your average ballpark frank.
What the…?!

Banana Bread

You Suck at Cooking with an entertaining look at
monkey food and how it fits into starchy things.
Sums it up.
FYI, the banana finder he used at the beginning
is actually an electric razor that I have and use
quite often, he activated the sideburns trimmer
to find the long thin berry.
The banana is actually a berry.
No relation to Halle.