Monthly Archives: August 2020

Wolf Creek Pass

CW McCall, aka William Dale Fries jr., was a country
and western performer of note in the 1970’s that
charted a few decent tunes including this one from 1974.
He is still with us, at the formidable age of 90 he no longer
performs or produces but his material lives on.
A humorous look at piloting an 18 wheeler while trying
to navigate some serious roadway issues…

Corn on the Cob 5 Ways

You Suck at Cooking with some great ideas on how
to prepare those yellow cob thingies you find in a field.
I’m chomping some darn fine examples of that as I type this.
It’s actually very messy, I chew a bit, then I wash my hands
so that I can post, type a little, chew a bit more, etc;
I’m old fashion, boil it until it’s firm yet tender, add butter
salt and teeth.
He said double corn hole, yeah I’m pretty sure he said
double corn hole…

National Doughnut Day

Kevin Bozeman does not like the idea of devoting a 24 hour
period to a small circle of lard, sugar and food coloring.
Can’t say that I disagree.
He makes some great points, creating serious mirth along the way.
Very funny lines here, his facial expressions add nicely to the mix…

The Aggressive Bee

MC Mr. Napkins, aka Zach Sherwin, with a Summer
lament of the bumblebee kind.
I too have had that issue.
“What do you want to wear to the party tonight, honey?”
“I thought I’d go with the yellow jacket…Aarghhhhhhhh,
I’m not letting go yet, September is still a few days away…

Mr. Burns Goes for a Check Up

This is a funny slice of the old fossil known as
Charles Montgomery Burns.
Voiced by Harry Shearer, he’s one of the main
antagonists on the Simpsons, certainly the
most powerful and influential.
When you own the local nuclear power plant
you has perks.
Above and beyond Smithers that is.
Some great lines here…