Monthly Archives: January 2022

Just Like a Chap

A little Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer is just the
pick me up I need for a Monday morning,
Gotta love the sincerity in his performances.
There’s a certain charm in the British persona.
Stiff upper lip, keep calm, ya balmy git!
And all that…

The Hostage

They really don’t make stuff like this anymore.
I love to play it on the show, it’s perfect for the
radio, a well done comedy sketch that doesn’t
need a visual component.
That’s not to say it couldn’t be made better by
having one, it just doesn’t need one.
Kurt Weitzmann must have realized this when
it was created, a homage perhaps.
This is a great piece, very funny indeed.
In hindsight, he should have been a nutritionist…


Pete Correale is a darned good stand-up comedian.
He isn’t full of himself, has lots to offer, a very funny
man who has what it takes to be a top notch comedian.
You can tell a lot of what he uses for material comes
from past experiences.
The great stories often do…

Super Skier

A Bob Gibson classic.
Certainly fits this time of year.
I have five foot snow banks and am watching a
Winter storm unfold as I type this.
Below zero temps and high winds make for a
painful frolic in the snow though.
I will forgo the powder play to stay indoors and
hug my wood stove mightily.
There will be no need to carry me down the hill
‘cuz I ain’t going…