Monthly Archives: February 2022


The Bolivian Sunshine Dogs with a classic.
One of many versions of this tune in my collection, but one
of the more interesting ones.
These folks are different. not your average cover band.
They have a great sense of humor and much zeal.
That ALWAYS counts for something…

My Perfect Brother

Andy Hendrickson with a humorous look at family members.
We all have that one egghead relative that is light years
ahead of the rest of us in cerebral capabilities.
Andy is a great stand-up comedian, he has all the traits
that you need to be top notch…

Watchin’ Joey Glow

There was a time, not too long ago, when the Iron Curtain and
nuclear warheads were all the rage.
Fallout shelters in the backyard and “Duck and Cover” was the
battle cry.
The news media blew it all out of proportion but the fear was real.
And the novelty songs were right there in the thick of it all.
The late, great Steve Goodman with a tune for WWIII…

The Most Intelligent Beings in the Universe

I cannot say enough about the late, great Douglas Adam’s output
of superb sci-fi stories, namely the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the
Galaxy and all of its sequels.
Wonderfully imaginative, even if you do not like the genre you
will find something to like about this series.
This slice is from the original BBC Television offering from 1981.
Typical British acting, very smart and well done, the characters
are easy to embrace and feel empathy towards.
The movie was entertaining as well, but this was a better watch.
A little explanation as to what really are the smartest beings on
this planet, great stuff…