Monthly Archives: March 2022

Heaving on a Jet Plane

A great little parody of a classic John Denver tune.
This is done by a very talented gentleman from
New Zealand by the name of Nick Tansley.
He is considered one of the best comedians in
that country, and an all around Nice Guy.
This song REALLY hits home for me.
I absolutely DETEST flying, I will never do it again.
I will walk to Europe if I ever win a Nobel Prize.
My invention you ask?
Water walking capable Moon Boots!
I think not…

I Hate When That Happens

An oldie but a goody, from Christopher Guest and
Billy Crystal, a 1985 comedy release.
I am not a huge Crystal fan, his star shone brightly
back in the 70’s but not so much since then.
And, no, I do not count the various award ceremonies
he has hosted over the years.
Mr. Guest, on the other hand, is a legend in the comedy
world with his work with National Lampoon, various
classic comedy flicks, numerous comedy recordings,
and the occasional cameo here and there.
And, of course, I must mention he is married to the
wonderful Jamie Lee Curtis.
And Billy Crystal is not, so there’s that.
The word “stallion” does not seem to fit here…

A Gas Problem

When all else fails…Fart Jokes!
Not that things are in failure mode here but the
vibe is icky today, not sure what works and
what does not.
John Pinette is always in fine form…check.
Flatulence is always good for a laugh…check.
This is a guy thing…check.
Let it fly…

The Meaning of Life

The unbearable lightness of Being condensed to one
wonderful tune written and sung by Eric Idle.
I would imagine Jean-Paul and Eric would have a
wonderful conservation over tea.
There will never be another group of folks like
Monty Python, enjoy this while you can…

Midterm Grades

A fantastic scene from a classic flick.
It just does not get better than Animal House.
The history by itself is glorious, the different
actors, directors, writers and other peripheral
folk is very interesting when you dig deep.
John Vernon plays the role of college dean,
and I can think of nobody better to do it.
He commands attention when he is on screen.
A tremendous clip all in all…