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Another Puff

An absolutely pristine version of this classic Jerry Reed piece.
More of a public service message than anything else.
Jerry made this to warn the populace of the dangers of
smoking, he had quit years before but the harm was already
done, he eventually passed away from smoking related issues.
No minor player he, one of a very small handful of people to
achieve the status of Certified Guitar Player by Chet Atkins,
he was a session guitar player with a huge following and was
considered to be one of the best pickers ever.
He was a decent actor as well, starring in a few hit flicks back
in the 1970’s, usually alongside his friend Burt Reynolds.
Some great lines here…

“No Smoking”

A wonderful piece of comedy by Landry and Biener.
Ron Landry was a disc jockey of high repute, he
partnered with Tom Biener to cut this classic album
back in 1989.
I love this recording to death, I play it all the time on
the show to great reviews.
Some great lines here…