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You Follow Women’s Billiards?

A while back Adult Swim premiered the Aqua Teen Hunger Force
show and the world would never be the same.
It is a seriously dark and ridiculous animation that tries real hard
to bend your mind, in a good way, of course.
I’m not going to even dig deep on the core characters…a large,
scary Milk Shake, A floating Large Fry with a very high IQ, and a
stupid Meatball.
Fry, Shake and Meatwad at your service!
I can only imagine the partying that went on in THAT brainstorming
session when they assembled to put together a script for review!
Carl is a regular on the show, portraying a neighbor with very
little in the way of morals and scruples, he is a low-life with big
dreams and little ambition.
In other words, he usually gets what he deserves…

The Galaxy Song

A true classic in every sense of the word.
Monty Python was the cream of the crop of sketch comedy
and their musical output was also top shelf.
Eric Idle composed the music and lyrics, the rest of the gang
warbled it out with gusto and humor.
This is a hybrid, a great sketch and a tune that won’t ever leave
your head without the use of a well oiled shotgun.
Terry Jones never looked more fetching…


The Swedish Chef with a look at Der Shrimpees and Popcorn.
This whole thing is a bloody riot, when he starts to groove out
I damned near lost it!
The fake Swedish sub-titling is hilarious, pay attention.
Der Shrimpees had a great time, except that one in the beginning.
He took some flying lessons…