The Mounted Animal Nature Trail

The Arrogant Worms with a look at animals that would
love to interact with you, but cannot.
I assume special needs, early childhood trauma, absolutely
nothing to say, witness protection program, lawsuit pending,
Grounded for a week for staying out too late, the agony and
embarrassment of bad breath, shot while escaping the local
penitentiary, and quite possibly, too drunk to speak.
You never know with animals…

Frontier Psychiatrist

The Avalanches are an insanely underrated force to be reckoned with.
Formed and based in Australia, they are one of the most respected
electronic music groups on the planet.
Because of serious illness and personal misfortune they might not be
touring much anymore, but their legacy lives on.
I love posting and playing their material on the show, very innovative
and interesting, lots to like.
Dexter sounds like he needs a hug…

Blacking Out and Making Money

This is a great bit by John Mulaney.
What makes it even better is that someone took the time to animate
the routine and it really adds something to it.
John’s material is not really that complex or insightful, but it comes from
such an unusual and humorous place it deserves a good listen.
Based on his events from past…