Dealing with Snakes

Andy Woodhull is one of my favorite stand-up
comedians on the circuit.
I have not yet seen him live but I hope to.
He has a low level snark that suits him well.
Not crazy about birds, runs like hell from snakes.
The boy has issues.
All stand-up comedians have issues.
The good ones show you…

Manual Labor

Michael Somerville with an honest set about doing very little.
Some great lines here, he’s thought long and hard about his
lack of work ethic.
Mike’s a talented stand-up comedian, usually good for a laugh
or three…

The Galaxy Song

When Monty Python got together back in 2014
for their grand reunion they recreated a lot
of their classic pieces.
This is one of the best of them, with special
guests Brian Cox and Stephen Hawking.
You have to give them credit, they were into it!
When the spirit is willing but the flesh is weakened
you try like hell anyway.
A wonderful piece…