Poetry and Scuba Diving

Emo Philips, a mammal of high repute, is a top
notch stand-up comedian.
He’s been around a while but he can still make
milk spray out of your nose.
He’s wanted in eighteen states for doing just that.
Just sayin’.
Here’s a nice slice of what he can do.
I mean, think about it, I can’t give you a slice of
what he CAN’T do.
Well, maybe.
Here’s Emo not doing the lead vocal on Van Halen’s
Hot for Teacher…

The Bridge of Death

A stupendous scene from the classic Monty Python
flick, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
I cannot say enough about this film.
One of my most prized tablet apps is the making
of this movie as told by John Cleese and backed up
by the copious daily notes that Michael Palin took
while on location in Scotland.
Lots to learn, many tales of woe and frustration
contained within, a great overview all in all.
This scene was notable in that John and Graham
Chapman absolutely refused to cross that bridge.
Terry Gilliam plays the strange, Eric the smug,
Graham the confident, John the lucky bastard.
One of the best comedy releases of all time…


I love to play this piece on the show for Halloween.
Lots of personality on this one, really shows you what
this group was capable of.
I interviewed them in the mid 90’s and loved every
minute of it, very nice folks.
I wouldn’t date her…