My Side of the Story

Christopher Titus is a great stand-up comedian, one of the best.
He is as good as it gets, and he brings much to the table.
He is self deprecating, befuddled and confused, a little annoyed.
Combine that with a generous helping of snark and you have a
winning combination.
This is a great bit, a window into his mind, and his ex’s…

YSaC:Balsamic/Bacon Roasted Brussels Sprouts

You Suck at Cooking with yet another look at creating scrumptious edibles.
He’s got my attention, looks really tasty.
I’m a vegetarian myself, the bacon need not be part of the mix.
Remember kids, inside of every Brussels Sprout is a tiny little head of
iceberg lettuce!
And inside of every bowling ball is a small elf who will, if freed, steal
your car, your wallet, and your prized collection of Victoria’s Secret
I’d go with the sprouts…


A keeper from one of my favorite stand-up comedians, Greg Warren.
He is low key, but easily riled…very intelligent, but does get addled.
Let’s face it, cranky and befuddled is much funnier than low key and
professorial in the scheme of things.
Some great lines here…