Please Don’t Touch Me

Jim Gaffigan with a piece about being rubbed the wrong way.
He doesn’t seem to care much for massages.
I understand his point of view here, it’s a personal issue of
sorts, such intimacy with a stranger takes a bit to get used to.
Personally I love being pawed like a salmon on Take a
Grizzly to Lunch Day, I find it quite invigorating.
I look forward to my monthly massage therapy so much that I
show up at the session already oiled up, wearing nothing but
a towel and a smile.
Gotta go easy on the lube though, first time I went too heavy,
slid into the drivers side and flew right out the passenger window.
Wouldn’t have been too bad had my towel not stayed in the car.
After a brief explanation the charges were dropped…

Makin’ a Mess of Commercial Success

This is a special piece for me, both to post
and to play on the show.
It’s a very funny song written by Shel Silverstein
and sung by Bob Gibson with Shel doing
commentary in the background.
Off of the Makin’ a Mess of Commercial Success
recording from 1995, it parodies the old “Taste Great,
Less Filling!” beer commercials that appeared on
television for quite a while.
Bob was was diagnosed with a rare degenerative
disease and was in the later stages of it when he
recorded that album, he was essentially dying
when he, Shel, and a gang of other well established
like minded artists got together to record it.
Mr. Gibson was considered to be a top notch
performer back in the 1950’s and 60’s, rivaling
that of Bob Dylan and other folk superstars of the time.
I play a lot of his material on the show, especially the
stuff he did by and with Shel Silverstein.
Great lyrics, even funnier if you can remember those
goofy beer commercials…