Airplane Travel

Zoltan Kaszas is a naturally funny fellow!
I certainly mean that as a compliment, humor just
seems to flow out of him without a lot of effort.
He is compelling, his observational skills are
right up there with the best of them, and he
has a great personality.
I started playing him on the show a short time ago
and I’m thrilled to have him.
He talks about flying and the folks who tolerate it…

Raw Oyster Stew

This superb piece of comedy history is the pinnacle
of what the Three Stooges were capable of!
I try to post this at least once a year, a Jerome Lester
Horowitz slice of the highest order.
His timing, facial expressions and body language are what
make Curly Howard one of the best comedians to ever live.
He shuffled off this mortal coil far too soon at the tender
age of 49 back in 1952.
One of a kind, nothing quite like him, before or since.
By request, one of his very best…

Greetings Cards

Brian Regan with a humorous overview of the inanity
of buying greeting cards for all occasions!
I have always liked Brian, one of the best stand-up
comedians of all time, he certainly has what it takes.
Really heavy on the snark, he mastered that years ago.
He makes some great points here…

I’m My Own Grandpa

Willie Nelson has been an American icon for many years now.
He’s an interesting fellow, lots of talent and charm.
A lot can be said about his life, he has certainly led
an unorthodox one.
There are some serious anal-retentives out there that
try to vilify him, not me though, I don’t judge people
on their weaknesses, it’s their strengths that I find important.
His are many, the ability to make you feel good and
get you thinking are one of his strong suits.
He sings an old classic from 1947, technically possible
but highly improbable…