Enter Mongo

This little chunk of Blazing Saddles features the late, greats Alex Karras,
Cleavon Little, and Gene Wilder as Mongo, the Sheriff, and the Waco Kid!
This is a 1974 classic that still gets quoted more than 45 years later.
Some of the scenes in this flick are as irreverent as they come.
A couple of low level naughty bits, a half hour of self flagellation
with a bag of marshmallows should do it.
It starts with a hilarious dialogue between Little and Wilder that
makes me laugh every time I see it…


Jim Gaffigan with a humorous set on those brightly
colored little edibles that look like Fred Flintstone!
Okay, Wilma, Barney, Pebbles, and Bam Bam as well.
No, I will not give equal time to Dino and that silly
woolly mammoth that does the dishes!
Supplements, and the people who love them.
Film at eleven…

The Other Side of Town

This is one for the folks that have been married a while.
John Prine with a humorous song that rings quite true
for a lot of us.
I have to be careful here, a certain someone sees this post
and THIS certain someone becomes toast!
John has a style all his own, one of a kind, quite an
interesting performer…