Zombie Apocalypse Barbecue

This Summertime ode to death and grilled meats is brought
to you by The Consortium of Genius and Tanco Tunes.
Musical talent and animation respectively.
Fire up the grill and throw on some brains, it’s time to gnaw!
There’s still plenty of Summer left, grab an iced tea and your
next door neighbor’s cerebral cortex and get chewing…

Carnivorous Dragonflies

Ze Frank with a look at an interesting insect in the animal kingdom.
A very adept predator, a dragonfly has a unique flying ability.
It intercept as opposes to overcomes.
Fossils from over 325 millions years ago show them as being as
large as 30 inches across.
I think I know what killed the dinosaurs.
Fascinating watch, Ze Frank on top of his game…

Dairy Queen

This is a classic piece of jocularity by the late,
great John Pinette.
Yes, I know I have posted this before.
I did mention that this was a classic.
It’s a great hot weather piece.
And it’s a classic.
By George Carlin.
I lied to you just then, now watch the whole video
and send me hate mail for messing with you…

On This Day in History, Martin Mull

Was born back in 1943!
Comedian, painter, musician, and actor, this man’s
pedigree is quite impressive.
He hosted his own faux talk show back in the 70’s.
Was on the stand-up comedy circuit with some of
the very greats and held his own.
His shtick was being rather unique, odd even, with a
smidgen of high intellect.
An interesting human being.
Happy Birthday Martin Mull, may you have many more!
I’ll drink to that…