Family Reunions

The late, great Tim Wilson had a knack for telling
stories about close friends or family that were
on the humorous side.
We can all relate to some of the relatives that he
describes here, the aunts especially.
And the tray tables, the food, the dog…

Shaun the Sheep Theme Song!

This is not an episode, it’s a modified version
of the theme song with sing-a-long sub titles!
Don’t think it’s not a funny piece because it
certainly is, the visuals are superb.
This series just floors me, such absolute genius.
Usually it’s all without dialogue…

Radio Phil

Congress of Wonders here with a real underground
classic from back when comedy albums meant something!
I lament the passing of the vinyl, I really do.
Comedy no longer charts, the record album is no more.
But great stuff like this still lives on, as long
as I’ve got a show anyways…


Being a vegetarian I suppose I should find
this piece to be unfunny, I don’t though.
The more I see the late, great John Pinette
perform on stage the more I think he was
one of the very best at his craft.
His mannerisms really add to the impact of
the joke itself, not always necessary but
always welcome.
I saw him perform live on a few occasions, was
one of the lucky ones who saw his one man show
at the Bubbling with Laughter series at Club Soda
in downtown Montreal back in the day.
I can tell he really thought about his jokes…

On This Day in History

Bob Elliott was born back in 1923!
One half of the legendary comedy team Bob and Ray,
the late, great Mr. Elliott has credentials like
very few others, truly a tremendous talent.
This sketch is an absolute classic, I just love
the restrained irritation of Mr. Ray Goulding.
Bob is the sloooooooow one…