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They have the strength of ten men

It is no secret to anyone who listens to the show that I
consider Daniel Tosh to be one of the best stand-up
comedians alive, and one of the best ever.
His material, delivery and charisma are all top notch.
Admittedly, I do not care much for his television show,
Tosh.0, I find it a bit too over the top for my liking,
but his stand-up is some of the best that I have ever heard.
Hell yes, he’s irreverent, that’s a large part of his charm!
Check this piece out, superb stuff all the way through.

Ten bucks says Vin Diesel was not in the audience!

She’s my daughter

Tom Wilson is a very talented man.
Actor, writer, musician, painter and comedian he has
an impressive list of attributes that I envy from afar.
He is probably known more for his role as Biff Tannen
in the Back to the Future movies but he is a very
funny stand-up comedian and I love to play him on
the show.
This is a great little ditty performed live with
guitar in hand.
Think he’s a good father?

I certainly do!

Do you know what his wife’s name is?

There is a very good reason why Monty Python is the best
sketch comedy group that ever lived.
Their individual talents are as good as it gets, all top
notch intellects, highly educated and as charismatic as
any human being has a right to be.
But as good as they might be by themselves their real
strength is as a group!
John Cleese and Graham Chapman were one writing team,
Michael Palin and Terry Jones another, Eric Idle wrote
all the music and most of the lyrics and Terry Gilliam
was their illustrator.
Together they were the best damned comedy troupe ever.
Others tried, some came close here and there, but for shear
productivity and talent…the…best…ever!
Having said that, I’m not going to show you a sketch.
That would be too easy.
This piece is from their immortal classic, and one of the
funniest movies ever made, The Life of Brian!
I could not watch the whole thing without losing it!

Thwo him to the fwoor!

The Food Network is not for guys

Mark Scalia is a pretty funny guy.
I saw him perform in the area recently and his act is quite
varied…good stand-up, great voice work…especially
his accents, and nice material all in all.
I’ll be adding him to the artist links section and hope to
see/hear more of him in the future.

Placenta anyone…?

Planted there by the cafe owner, I bet

This is considered one of the funniest videos of all time
by folks who hardly ever leave their flat!
Okay, I made that last part up.
I was snide and I am sorry, that was beneath me and I
will spend the rest of the day atoning for my sarcasm.
It IS pretty clever, well thought out and humorous.
Dave Allen, I believe…

Dave Allen was an Irish comedian who found fame in
Australia and Britain with a comedy show that featured
his laid back stand-up and superb comedy sketches.
More to come…

Blow your whistle, bang your gong…

One of the best pairings in all of Rock and Roll occurred
back in the early seventies between Doctor Hook and the
Medicine Show and the late, great Shel Silverstein.
Shel wrote many hits for them, Cover of the Rolling Stone,
Sylvia’s Mother, I Got Stoned and I Missed It and more!
This piece is the title track off the album from 1972…
Freakin’ at the Freaker’s Ball!

How COOL is THAT?!

I like to swim

It is STILL Summer and I will not tolerate the naysayers
that are all afluffle over the fact that Fall is almost
upon us!
Let me state this CLEARLY…Fall…is…not…upon…us!
Summer will be with us for another whole month!
End of rant.
Now that I have THAT off my chest, here’s some John Pinette.
Or, should I say, here’s some John Pinette talking about

Seriously, get out there and enjoy yourselves!
I mean it!

Cats ARE useful pets after all

Gareth Hale and Norman Pace are a British comedy duo that
are as funny as anyone out there.
Hale and Pace, as they are known, started working together
in the 1980s and still perform, currently doing a tour
of Australia.
For ten years they had their own television show on ITV in
England and won many awards for their innovative comedy.
They specialize in humorous sketches that stretch all
sorts of boundaries…to put it mildly.
Here’s a classic piece from them that I find really funny.

Who knew felines could be so…helpful?

Here’s a little Summer song for you

Heywood Banks is a really talented man.
With that comes some serious eccentricity!
His songs actually make me laugh out loud,
and not just in a “hey, here’s a picture of me in a
bathing suit!” sort of way either.
Twisted, demented and really strange are some ways
to describe his approach to ballads.
All are good.
Here’s a great Summer tune!

It’s STILL August!
I don’t want to hear any complaining!