Do you know what his wife’s name is?

There is a very good reason why Monty Python is the best
sketch comedy group that ever lived.
Their individual talents are as good as it gets, all top
notch intellects, highly educated and as charismatic as
any human being has a right to be.
But as good as they might be by themselves their real
strength is as a group!
John Cleese and Graham Chapman were one writing team,
Michael Palin and Terry Jones another, Eric Idle wrote
all the music and most of the lyrics and Terry Gilliam
was their illustrator.
Together they were the best damned comedy troupe ever.
Others tried, some came close here and there, but for shear
productivity and talent…the…best…ever!
Having said that, I’m not going to show you a sketch.
That would be too easy.
This piece is from their immortal classic, and one of the
funniest movies ever made, The Life of Brian!
I could not watch the whole thing without losing it!

Thwo him to the fwoor!

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