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Grandma got run over by a bulldozer

I believe it was a Checker Cab.
Seriously, this video is so bad it’s good…almost.
We all know Dr. Elmo Shropshire, he of Grandma Got
Run Over fame, and we are all certainly familiar
with John Pinette, he of the stand-up comedy circuit.
Somehow they performed together on stage for a rousing
(okay, fairly tepid) rendition of that infamous song.
The good Dr. is in his late seventies and, as you can
imagine has seen better days in the vocal chord department.
John, on the other hand does have a nice set of pipes, but
doesn’t really try to sing here.
Here she be…

Okay, I lied, it’s not very good.
Merry Christmas!

I played with that dude, Man!

What can you say about Cheech and Chong that has not
already been said?
Excluding district attorneys, judges, concerned parents,
prosecutors, the DEA, the Drug Czar and rehab professionals
everywhere I think you will find that everyone agrees that
they are two funny @#$%^&* people!
Over the years they have produced some classic material,
and this is probably the most (in)famous of them all.

And a little more magic dust…!

My car ain’t that great either

Da Yoopers are a comedy institution at this point in time.
The name comes from where they live, Michigan’s Upper
Peninsula, known as Da Upper Part or Da Yooper.
They have produced some classic pieces over the years,
The Second Week of Deer Camp, Fishing Wit Fred and
many other fine tracks.
This one goes out to Heather…

Happy Holidays!

Dwayne Stomp PSA

Travesty Ltd. was/is one of the best comedy troupes that
this country has ever produced.
They were big back in the late 70s and early 80s with hits
like “Rock and Roll Doctor”, “At the Record Store”, “How to
Play the Bongos” and this one…

Great stuff!