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A blind albino with a club foot

Nick Griffin is a great stand-up comedian.
I give him air time because he has a dark sense of humor
and his observational comedy is top notch.
His relationships are a source of material and they are
interesting, to say the least.
Here he is talking about the draw of the cards…

It’s all about the Karma!

Famous Philosopher’s School

The late, great Harold Ramis was the head writer and cast
member of SCTV Television, a wonderful comedy series that
played on TV between 1976 and 1984.
I was a huge fan of the show, its cast rivaled anything
that Saturday Night Live ever assembled.
Here’s a neat little sketch starring Harold himself…

I should have majored in Philosophy!

Gotta work better than the truth

A CLASSIC cut from National Lampoon’s Animal House!
It has that certain infamous Tim Matheson scene in it that I
STILL quote out many years after first seeing it, and as an
added bonus the “My advice to you…” piece at the end!
This movie, of course, was co-written by The late GREATS
Doug Kenney and the recently departed Harold Ramis.

More to come!

I keep two diaries

Dan Gabriel is a very good stand up comedian, one of the
funnier guys on the circuit at the moment.
I play him on the show and it’s a good fit, his humor is
laid back and observational, it’s always nice to see that.
Here he is doing one of my favorite pieces, his diary…

I should do that!

Harold Ramis… RIP!!!

This guy was one of the gods of comedy!
From early on as a jokes editor for Playboy magazine,
to the National Lampoon Radio Hour
(I played a cut just last week with him in it…
Terminal Football!) to the superb SCTV Television Network
show (John Candy, Eugene Levy, Bob and Doug McKenzie, etc;)
to the myriad of awesome movie comedies that he helped
produce or write (National Lampoon’s Animal House, CaddyShack,
Meatballs, Ground Hogs Day, Ghost Busters, etc;) there are
only a handful of folks that have ever come close to what
he has created! With the exemption of Mel Brooks and
Carl Reiner I cannot think of anyone alive that has done
more for comedy than he has! RIP Harold, you WILL be missed!
Here’s a sketch from SCTV that stars John Candy, Catherine
O’Hara, Eugene Levy and, if you look closely Harold Ramis
as the doctor…giving John a shot at the end!

I’ll give him some much deserved tribute this week!

The screwed up my skinny latte’…

Eli Braden is quite a talent, his concept of parody is quite
advanced as is his sense of humor.
He composes songs and videos with a sardonic view of the
world and produces great things that entertain many.
This is a humorous song about being a member of the
repressed majority…
(one little swear, lots of big laughs)

Nicely done!

I forgot to put the cat out

Marty Feldman is/was a godlike figure in the world of
British comedy. He was an asset in every movie he was in…
Young Frankenstein, Silent Movie, Yellowbeard and many more.
The more I read about him the more I respect the man.
When you have a chance check his bio out on the web.
Here’s a great little example of what he could do.


I notice you’re not wearing galoshes

The Vestibules, formerly The Radio Free Vestibules, are a
superb Canadian comedy troupe that are as funny as they come!
They are Bernard Deniger, Paul Pare and Terence Bowman.
I interviewed them back in the late 90s and again around 2003.
Great folks that are highly entertaining, you cannot ask for
more than that.
This was a school project that a fan made using the Rotoscope
method, the piece is the CLASSIC Bulbous Bouffant…

I like it!