Harold Ramis… RIP!!!

This guy was one of the gods of comedy!
From early on as a jokes editor for Playboy magazine,
to the National Lampoon Radio Hour
(I played a cut just last week with him in it…
Terminal Football!) to the superb SCTV Television Network
show (John Candy, Eugene Levy, Bob and Doug McKenzie, etc;)
to the myriad of awesome movie comedies that he helped
produce or write (National Lampoon’s Animal House, CaddyShack,
Meatballs, Ground Hogs Day, Ghost Busters, etc;) there are
only a handful of folks that have ever come close to what
he has created! With the exemption of Mel Brooks and
Carl Reiner I cannot think of anyone alive that has done
more for comedy than he has! RIP Harold, you WILL be missed!
Here’s a sketch from SCTV that stars John Candy, Catherine
O’Hara, Eugene Levy and, if you look closely Harold Ramis
as the doctor…giving John a shot at the end!

I’ll give him some much deserved tribute this week!

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