Monthly Archives: May 2016

Drinking in the Shower

It seems like the longer Kyle Kinane works his trade the better
he gets, and in Kyle’s case that’s a very good thing.
I like his style, when he first started performing he wasn’t
very polished but he found his groove and really pulled it
all together. This is a great rant…

Things I’ve Learned

Since Arriving on Planet Earth!
A funny little ditty from an interesting artist that I
started to play on the show recently.
Riley Armstrong is a hoot, some of the tracks on his
I Live Dangerous recording are very well done, superb even.
I like this piece…

Wine Tasting

This is a great piece of stand-up comedy from Andy Hendrickson!
The low level sarcasm he shows when commenting on the pretentious
wine tasters he’s encountered is quite amusing.
Just one little naughty bit in the middle, if you have any nuns
laying around put them in the garage for a bit.
More to come from Andy…

The Chainsaw Juggler

This is the full length version of the classic comedy song from
The Four Postmen. Great lyrics, nice stage presence and the
musicianship is pretty darned good as well.
This is probably one of their best works, top ten for sure…

Are You Ugly?

I loves me some great parody.
As far back as I can remember The National Lampoon folks
have mastered that fine art, between the Radio hour, the
Magazine and the movies they produced I’d say they have
achieved comedic zen.
A good example, Appleby and Myers…

My Girlfriend

Changed my life!
According to John Mulaney, at least.
This is a pretty funny set, spotlighting how a loved
one can change your life in a myriad of ways.
Took me a while but I figured out how to use the word
myriad in a sentence, with very little help.
I love to play John on the show, he always draws a laugh…