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On This Day in History

Willie Nelson was born back in 1933!
What a long and storied career this man has had.
His reputation is complicated but rock solid in the
eyes of anyone who has followed him.
The government tried to take his assets for back taxes,
but when they auctioned it all off his wealthy friends
and fans stepped up and purchased it…and gave it all
back to Willie!
This is a superb video, with the late, great Merle Haggard
by his side, they rock something fierce!
Or, I should say, they twang something fierce.
Both Willie and Merle are/were fans of the herb and didn’t
have a problem showing it, as this video playfully shows.
Happy Birthday Willie, may you have many more!

On This Day in History

The wonderfully creative Bill Plympton was born back in 1946!
A very talented animator, cartoonist, and filmmaker he has
earned his accolades with many brilliant pieces to his credit.
When Push Comes to Shove came out in 1991 I was enthralled.
I tried to collect any and ALL Bill Plympton, even buying
the PC version of Take Your Best Shot, which I love dearly.
There’s nobody quite like him, he has a very unique style that
you can identify immediately as his.
His range goes from children’s fare to very adult, and I love
it all, quite a gifted man indeed.
Happy Birthday, Bill Plympton, may there be many more!
This went on to be part of one of his most famous works, The Tune.
It’s the little things in life that hurt most…

Smoke Smoke Smoke That Cigarette

Tex Williams with an original version of his
signature novelty tune from 1947!
We can’t let the old ones fade away without some
appreciation and a tip of the hat.
I always try to play some of the older classics on the show.
Old Tex had a very distinctive talking/singing voice…