Monthly Archives: June 2018

Junk Food

Steve Macone is a stand-up comedian with promise!
This piece on junk food, hunting and religion
are based on his experiences in every day life.
Them’s the best kind of jokes.
The best comics have a way of looking at the
world through a comedic lens.
This was performed at the Boston Comedy Festival
back in 2011, nicely done…

On This Day in History

Mel Brooks was created back in 1926!
One of the most prolific producers of comedy on
the planet, Mr. Brooks deserves all the accolades
he has garnered over the years.
Television sitcoms, movies, music, you name it he’s
made a funny one.
Happy Birthday Mel Brooks, may there be many more!
This is a scene from one of his most infamous flicks.
Harumph indeed…

The Normal Song

The very talented, Canadian comedy duo, Bowser and Blue
with a great tune about being average!
These guys are superb live, a Canadian institution
with a massive following and the material to back it up.
Funny lyrics and even better musicianship.
I’ve been listening to these folks for a long time.
Very polished and quite funny…

Cliche Heaven

Hen Nordine with a nice word play centered around all the
things in our heads that are familiar and repetitive!
Everyday life just hammers things into our heads until
they become old and trite.
Ken knows…