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Cliche Heaven

Ken Nordine passed away this past weekend at
the tender age of 98.
Known for his distinctive voice, Ken was famous
for his “Word Jazz” and other recordings that
were released from 1948 to 2019!
As the phrase goes, “you may not know his face,
but you surely know his voice.”
He worked with anyone and everyone, from Billy
Vaughn to The Grateful Dead and was loved and
respected by all.
R.I.P. Ken Nordine, you will be missed…

Ken Nordine 1920-2019

Frankie Sinatra

I simply have to post this one again.
One of the most unbalanced, fantastic, and
interesting videos I have ever witnessed!
The Avalanches are a really eclectic band, I
never know where they’re going to go with a
song until it’s half over, and even then I’m not sure.
From the 2016 release, Wildflower.
The visuals don’t match the group at all, they are from
Australia and this was filmed in the Everglades.
Go figure, but it works mate!
Stay with this one until the end…

On This Day in History

The late, great George Kennedy was born back in 1925!
He started off as a serious actor who actually earned an
Oscar for his role in Cool Hand Luke, starred in the 70’s
disaster movie Airport and its sequels, and eventually
the Naked Gun flicks and television series.
His straight man status made him a great fit for the
comedy genre, working with Leslie Nielsen revealed
the humor contained within.
This is a funny slice of The Naked Gun 21/2: The Smell
of Fear movie that came out in 1991.
He mans the bullhorn with aplomb…

George Kennedy 1925-2016