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Another Puff

The late, great Jerry Reed was one of a kind!
Certified as a CGP (Certified Guitar Player) by
none other than Chet Atkins himself.
He was a country western performer of great repute.
Acted in several movies, many with his good friend
Burt Reynolds, and doing a bit of television as well.
Teamed up with Mel Tillis, Waylon Jennings, and
Bobby Bare in the 90’s to form the group Old Dogs,
cutting a great album of Shel Silverstein songs.
He garnered many awards and placed several songs
on the charts both by performing and writing for others.
Above all that he had a superb sense of humor, it would
reveal itself in many of his roles, and his songs.
He was a life long smoker and eventually succumbed to
emphysema in September of 2008.
He knew his addiction was not doing him or others
any good and in 1990 put out a great anti-smoking
video that was both humorous and bleak.
I may post that piece on his birthday next month, until
then I’ll go with this track.
Great audio, goes with the performance, funny as hell…

The Essay

This superb bit of mirth is from the Not the
Nine O’Clock News series that was on the BBC
during the late 70’s and early 80’s!
I like the way this starts off and turns into
something completely different, typical
British comedy at its finest.
This skit stars Rowan Atkinson and Mel Smith
as an employee and a manager of a large firm,


Kellen Erskine is one of my favorite comedians
to play on the show.
He’s bright, articulate, really laid back, and
very funny…all the qualities you look for in a
great stand-up comedian!
He has a style all his own, and he keeps getting better.
This is a funny bit, keen insights and a little warped…

Things I’ve Learned…

Since Arriving on Planet Earth!
A great live rendition of a Riley Armstrong song
that I love to play on the show.
He’s an interesting character, a decent musician
with an infectious performing style, stage work
seems second nature to him.
He’s had a lot of experience with youth groups and
it shows in his material and stage presence.
I can picture him banging it out in front of a
roaring campfire!
Molten marshmallow stuck in his hair.
Broken guitar string poking him in the eye.
Two youngish malcontents sneaking up
from behind to give him a wedgie.
Is that chocolate on his glasses?
I certainly hope so…