Another Puff

The late, great Jerry Reed was one of a kind!
Certified as a CGP (Certified Guitar Player) by
none other than Chet Atkins himself.
He was a country western performer of great repute.
Acted in several movies, many with his good friend
Burt Reynolds, and doing a bit of television as well.
Teamed up with Mel Tillis, Waylon Jennings, and
Bobby Bare in the 90’s to form the group Old Dogs,
cutting a great album of Shel Silverstein songs.
He garnered many awards and placed several songs
on the charts both by performing and writing for others.
Above all that he had a superb sense of humor, it would
reveal itself in many of his roles, and his songs.
He was a life long smoker and eventually succumbed to
emphysema in September of 2008.
He knew his addiction was not doing him or others
any good and in 1990 put out a great anti-smoking
video that was both humorous and bleak.
I may post that piece on his birthday next month, until
then I’ll go with this track.
Great audio, goes with the performance, funny as hell…

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