Monthly Archives: April 2019

The Bathroom Songwriter

Antsy McClain with a superb song and video
detailing how, and why, a good song is made.
I probable should state that as how and where
a good song is made.
I will be the first to agree that a good product can
usually be attained through hard work and sweat.
Some folks really have to strain to produce a decent ditty.
And there are artists that have no trouble at all squeezing
out a top notch song or two with very little effort.
Inspiration can come from anywhere, just make sure
you wash your hands when you’re done.
I’m playing this on the show this week…

On This Day in History…Cloris Leachman

Was born back in 1926!
Though not a pure comedian, Cloris has nonetheless carved
out a comedic niche by appearing in a few Mel Brooks
flicks and some prime time television sitcoms where
she won more than a few Emmy Awards.
I say not a pure comedian, only because she was a very
talented serious actress who won an Oscar for her role
in the 1971 flick The Last Picture Show, garnering
other awards along the way as well.
Happy Birthday, Cloris Leachman, may you have many more!
These are small slices from Young Frankenstein where there
was a running gag whenever someone mentioned the character
that Cloris played, Frau Blucher…a team of horses would go crazy!
A reaction that Igor, Marty Feldman, played up something fierce…

How to Shoot a Deer

Juston McKinney is a New Hampshire native
and a very funny stand-up comedian!
I play him on the show and the listeners love him.
He has the snark down pat, combining that with a
great stage presence and good material he’s always
good for a laugh, or two.
This is a funny bit about when he used to be a cop…

This Could Be the Day

Rob Balder and Shoebox, aka Baldbox, with a hopeful
look at today, not tomorrow, or yesterday, but right now.
I think it’s a Carpe Diem thingy but I’m not sure.
One nasty NSFW word at the very end.
It might get you fired if your boss heard this while
you were punching him.
Happy @#$%^&* Monday!

Does God Exist?

Not the Nine O’Clock News was a wonderful British
television comedy series that aired in the early 80’s.
Rowan Atkinson, Pamela Stephenson, Mel Smith,
and Griff Rhys-Jones round out the cast, and a
funnier bunch of comedians you will be hard
pressed to find.
They produced some superb sketch comedy over
the three years they were on the air.
I play some of it on the show, it translates well to
pure audio, radio friendly and well received.
This is a great piece…