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Cosmology, Your Futon and You

The Amoeba People are a really cool band of musicians
that rock and instruct at the same time.
They are really scientific, most of their songs are comprised
of research, observations, and conclusions concerning their
favorite science endeavor.
Very entertaining, and it’s not just for the nerds, I find them to
be a learning experience with a bunch of chuckles thrown in for
good measure, I highly recommend them.
This piece is a great example of what they can do…

“You’re Snoring!”

Mike Nichols and Elaine May with a neat little animation
of one of their classic comedy sketches!
Mike and Elaine were the top of the heap at their peak.
The majority of their work was done during the 1950’s
and because they were so ahead of their time most of
their material still resonates today.
If you are, were, or planning on, getting married please
pay attention, the reactions contained within are spot on…

France and Italy

I’ve posted this brilliant piece by John Pinette once before.
If I am not mistaken I have seen every Montreal Comedy Festival
live appearance by the late great John Pinette, including this one.
As good as this bit sounds it’s even better when you see it, his facial
expressions add much to the performance.
He was somewhat healthy during this engagement, a little winded
but very much on top of his game.
One of the very best stand-up comedians of all time…

What If

Alien Folklife, Paul Mercer and Joan Kosby, harmonize humorous
songs that are interesting, uplifting, and very down to earth.
I play a few of their pieces on the show to good reviews.
This is whimsical…

Wrongly Shaped Chips

This is a grand little slice of the superb BBC Television series
that aired in 1975 and again in 1979!
Only two series of six episodes each were produced, one for
each year.
The show was centered around an English hotel and restaurant
located in the British town of Torquay.
Written by John Cleese and Connie Booth, John’s wife at the time,
they starred as the hotel proprietor (Basil) and chambermaid
(Polly) respectively.
Voted The “Greatest ever British sitcom” in 2019 by a panel of
comedy experts!
John Cleese is a real hoot in this series, as this piece clearly shows…