On This Day in History…Cloris Leachman

Was born back in 1926!
Though not a pure comedian, Cloris has nonetheless carved
out a comedic niche by appearing in a few Mel Brooks
flicks and some prime time television sitcoms where
she won more than a few Emmy Awards.
I say not a pure comedian, only because she was a very
talented serious actress who won an Oscar for her role
in the 1971 flick The Last Picture Show, garnering
other awards along the way as well.
Happy Birthday, Cloris Leachman, may you have many more!
These are small slices from Young Frankenstein where there
was a running gag whenever someone mentioned the character
that Cloris played, Frau Blucher…a team of horses would go crazy!
A reaction that Igor, Marty Feldman, played up something fierce…

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