LinkedIn SNAFU

Ooooh boy, where to begin…?
I have a plethora of folks wanting to connect
with me using LinkedIn, and I have tried on many
occasions to complete those requests…to no avail.
I signed up many moons ago with them and have found
it to be confusing, frustrating and ridiculous.
Every time I attempt to “connect” with these people
my efforts are repulsed…by LinkedIn!
Every time I try to complete the connection it tells
me I need to have an account, and every time I try to
open one I am told that I already have one!
I don’t want to offend anyone, if you don’t receive a
verification that I “connected” with you it’s not because
I don’t want to it’s because LinkedIn is malfunctioning and
is it desperate need of refinement.
So am I, come to think of it, but that’s a story for another
For the time being LinkedIn is a non functioning entity for me.
Maybe some day I’ll accrue the Power of the Gods and repair what
ails what everybody calls “FaceBook for the Unemployed”.
Until then just drop me a line if you want to connect. is the address.
Sorry for the misadventure, again, if and when I ever become
godlike I promise to make this world perfect and I will
personally stuff a cute little puppy in each and every one
of your mailboxes!
Not the one on your PC, the one by the road.
Front of your house…red flag on it…small angry dog
butt sticking out of the end…You’ll know it when you see it!


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