Not to the cat, in any case

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were absolute trend setters
in the world of sketch comedy.
They were two of the four principle members of the stage
revue, Beyond the Fringe, a British comedy troupe that inspired
Monty Python, Not the 9:00 News and a multitude of other
humorous folk.
In the mid 60s they starred in a television show called
Not Only…But Also, which gave us many fine sketches that
I play on the show from time to time, just as fresh today
as when they were made.
They starred together in the classic Bedazzled film, where
Cook played the Devil and Moore a love struck average Joe
smitten by a women he could not have.
I could go on and on, there is much to discuss here, their
talent was that vast, but I’d rather show you a slice of their
comedy from Not Only…But Also, a piece called A Bit of a Chat.

Dark but funny!

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