RIP Peter, you WILL be missed

Legendary folk singer, Pete Seeger passed away yesterday
at the tender age of 94.
Mr. Seeger was much more than just a singer though, he was a
true American patriot who tirelessly gave voice to the lives
of the downtrodden, the blue collar worker, the middle class
and countless others who deserved more than they had.
I have the utmost respect for this man, one of just a very
few who risked everything…career, reputation and his
personal freedom, for refusing to play along with the
insidious McCarthy era anti-communist hysteria.
He was blacklisted, beaten down and shunned, but his spirit
was never broken…a real one of a kind patriot that has
done more for this country than ANY politician EVER!
Please take a moment and check this amazing human being
out on the internet.
His story should be told to all who care!
This is a video of him from 50 years ago, from a gig he did
in Australia, singing a ditty that I play on the show!

I WILL be playing it on the show this week!

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