Comedy 101 Radio Playlist 1.11.18

It has been a while!
Terribly sorry about that, the first time in twenty five
years that I miss the show twice in a row.
What was supposed to be the last show of 2017 never
came to be due to the most horrible weather conditions
I have ever encountered on a show night.
-9 degrees with a wind blowing well over 35 mph made it
actually painful to walk from the car to the building.
Which I did, what I could not do was wait more than a
few minutes for security to let me in!
There was quite a lot of snow on the ground, winds were
gale or better and minus nine below!!!
I waited until it got too painful then I walked backwards
to the car and went home, it was absolutely excruciating
to face the wind!
I was in full Winter gear and it still hurt like Hell!
A wind chill that makes body parts fall off of you is
never a good thing.
Last week was almost as cold, below zero and windy but
what really killed the night was getting home from work
still snowing and way more than a foot of fresh white on
the ground that I needed to dispose of immediately.
Took me three hours, missing the chance to share my comedy
with you fine folk.
I’m here this week, and I bring you some new material as
well as the classics.
A couple of interesting blocks thrown in for good measure.

Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 1.11.18
Happy New Year?!

Two Triple Cheese- Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen
Someone ate the Baby- Shel Silverstein
Doctors- Brian Regan (s-up)
Since You ate My Dog- Dave Kinne
Horrorscopes- The Dead Alewives
Technophobia- Danny Bhoy (s-up)
Bachelor Number Two- Doo Doo Wah
Universal Bank Commercial- National Lampoon
Banks- Kathleen Madigan (s-up)
Money- Big Jim Buchanan (Paul Frees)
Business Minute- Paul Gilmartin
Work- Pete Lee (s-up)
Ugly- Darryl Rhoades
Ugly Man’s Clothing- Stevens and Grdnic
Ugly- Rodney Dangerfield (s-up)
Must Sell Screenplay- Subplot A
The Rise and Fall of the SupaSucka 9,000,000- Flying Like Wilma
Homeless People- Jake Johannsen (s-up)
Please Use This Song- Jon Lajoie
What Do You Recommend from the Menu?- O’Donoghue, Herman, Blum and Belushi
Growing up Poor- Michael Jr. (s-up)
Street Cred- M.C. Mr. Napkins
Sports Talk- Big Daddy Graham
Communication Skills- Adam Ferrara (s-up)
Good old Days- Weird Al Yankovic
Uncle Lar’s Laff Factory- Travesty Ltd.
Nephew- Emo Philips (s-up)
I Like Beer- Tom T Hall
Gut-Wrench Gert- Robby Benoit
Open Eyes- Mike Baldwin (s-up)
The Old Me- Mike Phirman
Scratch n’ Sniff Visa Card- The Trailer Park Troubadours
Winter Olympics- Jebb Fink (s-up)
On the Amazon- Don McLean
Sorry- Chunky A
Unmarried- Greg Warren (s-up)
White People Problems- Eli Braden
Prison Shank- Daniel Tosh (s-up)

It HAS been a while!

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