Injured Storm Something Something

Ah, what the heck…consider this Star Wars Week!
As much as I liked the first and second movie, I did not
particularly care for the third, or those ridiculous
PRE-sequels that came out, so I will take great care
in making as much fun of the whole franchise as I possibly can.
Darth Lucas, your days are numbered!
I mean seriously…how many @#$%^&* homes do you need?!
Is it me, or does anyone else out there want to giggle
hysterically when Frank Oz, I mean Yoda, whips out his light
sabre and starts getting all Jackie Chan on the locals?
“Oh, watch out Fozzie Bear is ANGRY, everybody run…or get
some cookies and milk!”
Have I upset the traditionalists yet?
No? Pull up a chair then, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Okay, I’ll grant you Princess Leia in slave girl attire
ALMOST made up for the mass merchandising that followed.

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