Hardware Wars

This is the campy tribute that George Lucas (How many houses
DO you own?!) himself labeled as the BEST Star Wars parody
he had ever seen.
Made on a shoestring (wino sneakers) budget this hit the
streets in 1978, just a short time after the initial release
of Star Wars itself…brainchild (obvious oxygen deprivation
in the womb) of producer/director Ernie Fosselius it was soon
hailed as a worthy satire of the hallowed original.
I’ll be quite honest…it sucks!
Not completely mind you, just the parts between the beginning
and the end, but you should watch it anyway.
Just think of it as the spinach you hated when you were a young
biped, it was horrible but you forced yourself to indulge
because you knew it was beneficial and that it would build
muscle and supply you with the essential nutrients needed to
become a strapping adult.
Of course none of those benefits were ever realized, you still
got sand kicked in your face and your girl stolen at the beach
because you were/are a pencil neck geek.
This video is just like that…

For the love of all that has holes in it…make it stop!

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