Undertaker Sketch

This is the vinyl version of the sketch that I
played on this week’s show.
There are two, one is from the record, the other
is actually taken from the Monty Python BBC
television show from the late 60’s.
The Flying Circus version has the faux outrage
at the end of the skit, where the audience members
pretend to storm the stage, shouting epithets
while doing so.
I might post that one as well.
This particular one is from their infamous three
sided vinyl record, where depending on where
you dropped the stylus THAT groove would play
one series of sketches and THIS groove would
give you yet another group of skits.
I have three copies of “Another Monty Python
Record”, one still in the cellophane.
And I do own the infamous episode on a
DVD collection that I hold near and dear.
If I’m not mistaken I own everything they’ve
ever put out, not bragging just proud as hell.
Graham Chapman was never darker, nor Mr.
Cleese more peckish…

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