A Dying Cub Fan’s Last Request

I’m not a baseball fan myself, but I chose this piece
by the late, great Steve Goodman because it’s a
great song with style points galore.
Steve was a very talented song writer and performer
and he wrote a few really good tunes that other
folks made famous.
I am quite sure that if Mr. Goodman had not been
stricken with Leukemia he would have penned
even more hits, he was that good.
We are at the mid point in Summer where I get a bit
nostalgic and go with the sentimental flow.
He wrote this piece when the Cubs were in the cellar.
They have since won a World’s Series.
Fans being fans, the lament is real.
Rumor has it Steve’s remains were scattered over
Wrigley field after he passed away in 1984…

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