Hey…I’m on the Phone!

Every now and then I encounter an artist/group/entity that I, no matter how hard I try,
cannot find out anything more about than what I have stumbled upon while perusing some obscure website.
Or some variation of that theme…you get the idea.
HYULP is one such band. I don’t know why they are not more well known,
they certainly seem to have their artistic chops together.
One of my favorites from them are Si-Fi-Hi but, alas, I can find nary a morsel of that one.
While recently searching for a short list of said artists I stumbled upon another little gem by them.
Live pieces are seldom as good as the studio version, for many reasons, but this rendition is pretty neat.
Here is HYULP with a piece that I play on the show called “I’m on the Phone!”. Enjoy…

If anyone out there finds Si-Fi-Hi on YouTube PLEASE drop me a line. I will appreciate it muchly!

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