From the office down the hall…

Geek humor can be funny. Geek humor can even be hilarious.
Let’s face it though…geek humor is rare.
Very few are good at it.
The artist that stands out in my mind when someone mentions it is Jonathan Coulton.
He has a laid back style that is comforting, and yet, at times, a bit unsettling.
No critique at all, he wants it that way.
One of the best songs of his is Creepy Doll.
He plants images in your head that are frightening.
That is a good thing.
As good as that piece is there is one that I like even better.
It not only puts some decent imagery into your mind but
actually has you rooting, kinda, for the antagonist.
I cannot find a good rendition of it without ads, or the sound quality is pretty poor.
So I bring you a fan tribute video for…Re:Your Brains!

I’ll keep searching for JC material and bring you more in the future.

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