A new diet plan

The late, great Richard Jeni was one hell of a comic.
I put him on my top ten list of best stand-up comedians
of all time, with only a very small, elite group above him.
I have all his recordings, the single American CD and the
few Canadian compilation recordings he was on.
Richard was a huge favorite at the Montreal Comedy Festival.
He headlined at various comedy clubs there, was a featured
comic at the Galas and one of the few that were given a one man
I saw them all.
Count me as being a very early fan, I saw his gifts for humor
way back, when he was relatively unknown.
Yes, BEFORE Platypus Man and that awful television show.
It seems to me that the best comics have the worst TV shows.
Can we all agree on this?
Thank you, I knew you would.
I consider many of his bits to be real classics…Jaws, Love Songs,
A Man’s Cooking Show, Shoe Store and lots more.
This is a funny piece on losing weight, NSFW because of one word
towards the end, but very humorous.

Mr. Jeni, you will be missed.

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