Are you up…?

I have always considered George Carlin to be the top of the food chain
in the stand-up comedy field.
Nothing has changed my mind since his passing.
This piece is some of the best that he has done, and that is saying a lot!
His word play, voice and facial changes and general delivery make this a
true classic in every sense of the word.
There are not many comics that could equal this, and many have tried.
Carlin at his best!

Can you think of a better one?

George Carlin

4 thoughts on “Are you up…?

  1. Jim

    Carlin was the King. He would have been considered a genius just on the strength of the material, but the control with which he delivered it places him firmly at the top of my list.

    1. michael Post author

      Good call. He definitely honed his craft. I would have failed miserably
      on that Baseball/football sketch no matter how long I practiced.
      For the longest time his Words and Euphemisms piece was considered the best
      that I played on the show, by a lot of folks who called in, not just me.
      So far, nobody has filled his shoes.

  2. ron

    long time listener, first time caller. very grateful for you show. here in St. Louis mo. Listening to a now defunct local show: “The Brain Sandwich” I learned about: “Come, ‘Stains'”. Comedy song I may suggest, I have a mp3 if you’d like. I grew up on Local Saturday Morning Comedy Radio with Jack Carney, a Midwest legend, and your show is very much on that level. I don’t mind the commercials, particularly good show tonight. I spread the word as much as I can. Thanks for your efforts. They are appreciated. Ron

  3. michael Post author


    I am tickled, a light red, that I can be a source of humor for you.
    That is always welcome to hear.
    If you have any requests or dedications, please let me know.
    Feedback is important to me.
    Since the beginning it has been an all request show, I want to keep it that way.
    Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it!
    Here’s hoping a good Summer to you…



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