It’s my wife’s name isn’t it…?

Two of the best British comedians to ever grace the stage are
no longer with us, and that is a shame!
Let me rephrase that…two of the best comedians EVER, regardless
of origin.
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were one of a kind, I could write an entire
novel on what they have done to enable comedy to be what it is today.
They started to work together in the 1950s in a satirical stage show
called Beyond the Fringe and kept at it with “Not Only…But Also” a
British television show that really showed what they could do.
They created and acted in the original “Bedazzled” movie, a classic
piece of comedy genius in the late 1960’s.
They toured together in Australia and New York and won Tony and Grammy
awards when their show hit its stride here in the states.
Their comedy sketches are the stuff of legend, One Leg Too Few,
Tramp-o-nuns, The Frog and Peach, Six of the Best and many more.
This piece is one of my favorites of theirs, I cannot find a video of
it but will gladly settle for second best, a tribute upload with great
audio and some nice pictures of the two of them in their prime.
This is from their 1960s television show and it’s called…
The Psychiatrist!

More to come from them in the near future!

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