When the chips are down

Jim Stafford is an old favorite of mine.
Kind of a low key sense of humor, mix in a bit of
the deep south with just a touch of goofy, add guitar
and you have his act in a nutshell.
In the 1970s he came out with a few nice pieces…
Spiders and Snakes, Swamp Witch, My Girl Bill and did
quite well with them.
Oops, I almost forgot Wildwood Weed, my memory isn’t what
it used to be.
I wonder how many people will get that joke.
He was on a few television shows and I was happy to see
him perform.
In the 1980s he wrote a song for a Clint Eastwood movie
that I play on the show from time to time.
Here it is, performed by Jim on the Smothers Brothers show
not long after that.

A decent, polished comedian with talent.
Worthy of the accolades that he has received.

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