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The bear is nearby

I love strange, if it is done well, it can be sublime.
Sometimes you can’t tell unless you watch it a few times.
There are moments when it hits you in the face right off.
This is one of those.
Is it ever…

D’ump keeps your family safe.

Cheese and Onion please

The Two Ronnies were a British television phenomenon in the 1970s.
They were funny and quite good at what they did…comedy skits.
This bit is from 1977 and it’s still funny today.
Try to order these at your favorite parlour!

Well, you used to have!

Lock up the licquor, he’s a mean drunk

Lily Tomlin is a force in the world of comedy.
I remember first seeing her on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in.
She is capable of producing a good sketch piece as well as
some decent stand-up.
Still going strong, after all these years, and as good as ever.
This is a great skit, it is not perfect to the audio track on
the album but it’s close enough, and it’s very funny.

There is nobody quite like her.

It’s a cheap sin

It’s Sunday, time for some religious humor.
That sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it?
No matter.
This is a superb piece of stand-up, classic all the way!
Don Novello is a very underrated comic.

“Most nuns are former Mafiosa…”
If you’ve ever spent time in a Catholic school that
is Milk meets Nostrils time!

Grizzlie’s win in Pole Dance competition

This is not pure comedy, I will admit it.
There are times when nature offers up some serious humor.
At the 50 second mark I started to chuckle.
Not long after that I started to picture them wearing
thongs and other revealing articles of clothing.
At 1:45 I started hearing “Closing Time” by Semisonic.
You are correct, I am NOT well…irrelevant though.
When YOU have your own blog, you can post what YOU want!
So there!

Okay, I owe you one.
Stand-up, next in line…

When the chips are down

Jim Stafford is an old favorite of mine.
Kind of a low key sense of humor, mix in a bit of
the deep south with just a touch of goofy, add guitar
and you have his act in a nutshell.
In the 1970s he came out with a few nice pieces…
Spiders and Snakes, Swamp Witch, My Girl Bill and did
quite well with them.
Oops, I almost forgot Wildwood Weed, my memory isn’t what
it used to be.
I wonder how many people will get that joke.
He was on a few television shows and I was happy to see
him perform.
In the 1980s he wrote a song for a Clint Eastwood movie
that I play on the show from time to time.
Here it is, performed by Jim on the Smothers Brothers show
not long after that.

A decent, polished comedian with talent.
Worthy of the accolades that he has received.

Try Mr. Barnard, room 12

When a comedy sketch is done well there is nothing better.
I can think of several by Monty Python that would belong
on that list, probably more top shelf skits than all the
other comedy troupes put together.
That is no small feat.
I have so many “favorites” from them I don’t know where to start.
This is a superb one, it has the big three…Michael Palin,
John Cleese and Graham Chapman.
At their best.

Keep in mind that MP does it all without a safety net.
No punchline at all in most of their best ones.
That’s what makes it so remarkable.

And they don’t play drums

It was inevitable.
You knew there would be a day when I would post this.
I cannot help myself.
Destiny cannot be trifled with, I wouldn’t even try.
Robert Haimer and Bill Mumy made this…thing.
It’s a good thing, it’s a very good thing.


It’s my wife’s name isn’t it…?

Two of the best British comedians to ever grace the stage are
no longer with us, and that is a shame!
Let me rephrase that…two of the best comedians EVER, regardless
of origin.
Peter Cook and Dudley Moore were one of a kind, I could write an entire
novel on what they have done to enable comedy to be what it is today.
They started to work together in the 1950s in a satirical stage show
called Beyond the Fringe and kept at it with “Not Only…But Also” a
British television show that really showed what they could do.
They created and acted in the original “Bedazzled” movie, a classic
piece of comedy genius in the late 1960’s.
They toured together in Australia and New York and won Tony and Grammy
awards when their show hit its stride here in the states.
Their comedy sketches are the stuff of legend, One Leg Too Few,
Tramp-o-nuns, The Frog and Peach, Six of the Best and many more.
This piece is one of my favorites of theirs, I cannot find a video of
it but will gladly settle for second best, a tribute upload with great
audio and some nice pictures of the two of them in their prime.
This is from their 1960s television show and it’s called…
The Psychiatrist!

More to come from them in the near future!