Comedy Appreciation

I have always been a fan of British comedy. There is so much to like. The characters, the material and the intellect are a huge draw for me. Not to mention the diversity. Some of the best comedy sketches ever came from the other side of the pond. Monty Python, Not the 9:00 News, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore and Benny Hill, are a short list of the funniest skit makers ever. And there is Rowan Atkinson. One of a kind. Forget Mr. Bean, that’s humorous but not as good as his sketch material. The Awards Ceremony, Fatal Beating with Angus Deayton and Tom, Dick and Harry are all classics in the best sense of the word. This is one of my favorites pieces from him. I have two variations of this skit that I play on the show. This is the shorter of the two. Enjoy…

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