The Surreal Stuff

The weird has always captivated me.
I look for it to play on the show but not all that is weird can be a good fit for pure audio.
A lot of it has to be seen AND heard.
The few exceptions are groups like the Evolution Control Committee,
most Barnes and Barnes and individual bits from folks like Chandler Travis,
Napolean XIV and Paul Green and Bob Morledge, to name a few.
I am constantly looking for strange and funny.
Come to think of it, off-beat would work too.
As would Surreal.
This piece is a classic example of what I am ramblin’ on about.
This is by Barry Murphy, an Irish comedian from his show Couched,
a zany little program from the nineties.
His partner in the series was Mark Doherty.
Behold God, the Devil and the Hungry Referee…

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