An interesting dilemma

It wasn’t until recently that I began noticing that some comedy artists are better at other things than what they are famous for. A good case in point would be the talented Louis Szekely, better known as Louis C.K.. Louis is famous for being a stand-up comedian, but I must be frank here… for the most part, I do not like it. Very little of it could be played on a radio based comedy show. It is too disjointed, rambles a bit (okay, a lot) and it does not really have a punch line that separates the men from the boys. On the other hand, it is undeniable that he has a great sense of humor. The stand-up that I have seen from him did not impress me but the videos that he has made are really humorous.
This is a short one, and I promise to bring you the larger ones in the future, but it shows you what a man like Louis thinks about in his spare time. One of the many reactions to this may be…”What a jerk!”, and you wouldn’t be wrong.
Talk about sparing no expense to get a laugh…

I’ll bet that chopper cost him a pretty penny!

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