Gone but not forgotten

There are times, at my cynical peak, when I fear that the pure comedy sketch is becoming extinct. Out of the big three that I play on the show, Stand-up, Musical and Sketch comedy, the latter is the thinnest of the lot. Thankfully there is a plethora of classics to play… from Monty Python, The Royal Canadian Air Farce, The Frantics and others, but I get a bit annoyed at the imbalance. By that I mean, when you look at my playlists, even though I don’t really play the same pieces over and over again, I am forced to go with the same artists to get the proper symmetry. Let’s face it, those artist mentioned above are the absolutely cream of the crop but I do not want to run them into the ground. Could you imagine EVER getting tired of Monty Python?! I do NOT want to be the first idiot radio DJ to make you sick of the best comedy sketch group the world has ever seen! I look high and low for anything recent that may be considered a solid playable comedy skit. I like The Whitest Kids U’ Know, Kurt Weitzmann and a few others but I need MORE!
I have not given up, I will continue to peruse the present comedy scene and see what pops up. Until then, please peruse this zany little piece by the vastly underrated, late, great, Peter Cook and Dudley Moore!

They just don’t make them like they used to!

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