Pringles and Tennis Balls

There are lots of stand-up comedians out there. Many are good. A few are great.
Even fewer are top notch.
The late, great Mitch Hedberg was all of those.
I have seen him kill, with the folks in the audience just rolling in the aisles.
And there were times when he was not firing on all cylinders, rambling and wandering
from joke to joke.
Usually he was right about in the middle, still better than most of the comics
on the circuit.
I have been playing him on the show for a few years, especially since his untimely death.
The requests are constant, folks seem to appreciate him more now that he’s gone.
He’s a good fit for radio airplay, you don’t really need to see him perform to like
what he does, providing, of course, that his material is good.
This video shows his performance at the Montreal “Just For Laughs” Comedy Festival.
A pretty good effort, with decent jokes and a constant delivery.
His humor came from a place that most comics have never visited.
That can be a good thing…

RIP Mr. Hedberg, and thanks for the laughs!

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