Who is it?

Music videos have been around since the early eighties.
MTV was the first television channel to spotlight the medium.
As much as I enjoy a good one I like them even more if
they are funny.
There aren’t many of those, very few artists indulge in such things,
even less so in this day and age.
Weird Al Yankovic still creates them but beyond that you really
have to look far and wide.
Speaking of wide, this humorous piece brings back memories.
Arsenio Hall once had his own, fairly popular, late night talk show.
The only knock on it was that he was a bit of a sycophant…no hard balls
delivered, no home runs made.
If you know what I mean.
Here we have his alter ego, a larger than life persona with a gift for
the tongue in cheek.
Say hello to Chunky A…

I had always wondered if that had a video.

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