It might be extraterrestrials…

I am on a stand-up kick lately.
To me there is nothing better than a good comedian.
Out of the three types of comedy…musical, sketch and s-up,
the latter is the hardest of them all to master and be great at.
Timing, confidence and, most important, material all have to gel,
otherwise your end product is less than stellar.
Of course, the same could be said about the other two,
but the difference to me is that the first two can be done in a studio.
There is no way you can be a stand-up comedian without an audience.
So there.
One of my favorites of all time started out quite a few years ago.
Back when I was into television I used to watch SAST on Comedy Central.
Short Attention Span Theater was a great venue for comics, if you didn’t like
one of them all you had to do was wait a couple of minutes until another
would come on.
The show aired from the late eighties to the mid nineties, if I remember right.
This guy was on quite a bit, and I loved it.
A good, smart comic is rare.
He is one of the better ones.
Here is a partial video of a show he did in the early nineties called
“This Will Take About an Hour”.
It is broken down into smaller pieces, and I highly recommend viewing
the others as they are quite good, and easily accessible.
Here is Jake Johannsen…

Seriously, watch the other portions. Classic material contained therein!

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