And I’ve got a letter to mail…

There are a lot of decent bands around that play humorous ditties.
That is a good thing.
One of my current favorites is a group out of Los Angeles that can really rock.
Comprised of five guys, they formed in the early nineties and have gotten better
with time, and that is saying a lot ’cause they were pretty damned good to begin with.
Ken, Matt, Stefan, Geoff and Brett make some of the funniest songs I’ve ever heard.
Rabbit Valley, Four Years of High School Spanish, Dragon, Catbox and
I Always Wanted to Be… are just a few of the superb pieces that they play.
First a tribute video, uploaded by a fan with good taste.
This is Let Me Make You Smile in Bed by…The Four Postmen!

Then an outtake of sorts of the band members themselves doing…Sun.

Pretty neat stuff!

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