I was just thinking of how few good female comics there are to play on the show.
The good-to-bad ratio is better than with the men so that isn’t really a factor.
There are a TON of male comedians out there that are NOT that good, a few are
great and even fewer are superb. There are not that many women in stand-up
to begin with which makes the amount of great ones a small number indeed.
Kathleen Madigan, Maryellen Hooper and Stacey MacDonald are the top of the
heap right now. Blasts from the past would include Diane Ford, Elayne Boosler
and early Judy Tenuta. Amy Schumer has some good moments but after that it drops
off something fierce.

This neat little piece of satire is by Harry Enfield, an Englishman with a
superb sense of humor…

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