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Is that as fast as you can run?!

Michael Jr. is a funny guy.
I have played a little of his stand-up on the show and I
find it quite good.
He performs at a lot of faith based sponsored events, and
being a devout christian that only makes sense.
I am not particularly religious myself but I find that
a lot of comedians like Michael are a nice fit for the show.
My goal is to showcase comics that make you laugh, but it is
important to me that I do so without offending anyone.
At least, not TOO much.
I will gladly play folks like Michael, his approach is
gentle and insightful and tends to put people at ease.
Yet, he is not preachy and in your face about his beliefs.
Non polarizing, funny, family oriented comedy is quite nice
when you get right down to it.
Give him a listen…nice stuff!

More to come…

You want to warm your hands, Hugh

I mentioned, not too long ago, that Hugh Laurie
was a real talent in the world of comedy.
His work in Blackadder and Jeeves and Wooster are
a real treat to watch, wonderful stuff that.
But most Americans only know him as “House”, a crusty,
drug addled yet skilled doctor of medicine plying his
trade in a fictitious hospital set somewhere in America.
A pity.
American television has a way of bringing you the lowest
common denominator and passing it off as entertainment.
That is one of the reasons that I avoid TV like the plague.
There is a common thread to his career, one of the best
pairings in the history of comedy actually, is his ongoing
work with the incredible Stephen Fry.
Fry and Laurie, as they are/were known, have worked together
since the early 1980s, introduced to one another by Emma
Thompson, while attending the University of Cambridge.
Their work together over the years has produced some of
the funniest moments in comedy history.
This skit is a great example of what they are capable of…
Piano Masterclass!

I laughed all the way through it

Johnny AND SHEL!

This is a treat and a half…Shel Silverstein and
Johnny Cash together singing a tune that Shel wrote
and Johnny made famous!
I know that I posted the solo effort not that long ago
but I cannot pass this one up.
Can you blame me?!

What a great duet!

Canada is another country

At this point in time, as it has been for the last
ten years or so, the best stand-up comedienne on the
planet is Kathleen Madigan.
That may indeed change in the near future, but for now she
is the reigning queen of comedy.
And that is deservedly so!
She has the material, stage charisma and delivery to really
grab you by the funny bone, and not let go until the show
is over.
I saw her live, early in her career, leaving the theater very
impressed…and she has gotten much better since then!
Here she is doing what she does best, making you laugh…

A very funny lady!

Trim some of the dead wood

I am a huge fan of Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie.
And I do not mean Mr. Bean and Dr. House!
Long before they became known as those two characters they
were setting the comedy world on fire as some of the best
talents in the genre.
The work they did together in Blackadder was tremendous, that
series was about as good as it gets.
It doesn’t stop there…Rowan was involved in Not the 9:00 News
back in the 70s and 80s, a superb comedy troupe on par with
Monty Python, The Frantics, the Royal Canadian Air Farce and
others like it.
He did sketch comedy on his own, producing two recordings
that contain classic pieces that I play on the show with zeal.
In short, he has been involved in some awesome comedy sketches
over the years, and we are all the better for it.
Hugh worked with the esteemed Stephen Fry to do Jeeves and
Wooster and later as Fry and Laurie, a comedy duo with
talent to spare.
All in all, both are a splendid example of the best of what’s
out there in the field of comedy, they have my undying
respect and gratitude for what they have given us.
Here they are doing a skit called “A Small Rewrite”.

Great Stuff!

Just short back and sides, please…

You probably knew coming into this site that you were
going to see a lot of Monty Python.
It is awfully hard to ignore the cream of the crop.
They were the very best at what they did…sketch comedy
like nothing the world has ever seen, before or since.
This skit is one of my favorites, a two part piece that
is indicative of what MP could do.

Great stuff!

I ain’t doing NUTHIN’!

I like parody, I really do.
The problem with parody is that it’s either really, really
good or it’s really, really wretched…usually.
Did I just contradict myself?
This is a decent piece from Megan Nicole, it is a parody
of Bruno Mar’s The Lazy Song.
Yes, I believe that I did, yet again.
Anyhoo, I like it.

Anybody know…what’s with the monkeys?

Men are more linear

Diane Ford is one heck of a stand-up comedienne!
Long a favorite of mine, I feared that she dropped out of
that line of work to pursue something more “sane”.
As a lot of comedians eventually do.
She is still with us and we are better for it.
Her delivery, insights and overall material make her one
of the best ever.
Here she is at the Montreal Comedy Festival with a killer
piece on Men and Women.

Gotta love it!

God, the Devil and the Hungry Referee

I found yet another version of this awesome series of
videos from the Barry Murphy and Mark Doherty show
that was aired on RTE called Couched!
An Irish creation, it dealt with the surreal and
the strange and was wildly popular around 2005 or so.
I will imbed a few of the Couched shows in the future
but for now here is a highlight from that show called
God, The Devil and the Hungry Referee.

I love this stuff…give me MORE!