Monthly Archives: March 2020

Redneck Ninjas

Not something you usually have to
worry about, but just in case you live
next door to a trailer park south of
the Mason Dixon line this is for YOU!
Tom Smith with a song of caution and
inbreeding, not really in that order.
This has moose, monster trucks, Pabst
Blue Ribbon Beer, and Clem…

4 Avocado Toasts

You Suck at Cooking with a mouth watering
overview on the four ways you can make a
great toasted avocado sandwich.
And I do mean mouth watering, I shot saliva
onto several people who happened to be
roller skating by as I was watching this.
I’m good, they thought it was starting to rain.
I highly recommend any of these, I myself tried
the first two and I have no reason to believe
that the last ones were of lesser quality.
And I’m not a big avocado fan, go figure.

Head Wedgie

Riley Armstrong with a cool little ditty that
will stay in your noggin for quite a while.
I do believe that is the point.
Riley is an interesting performer, lots of
humorous material centered around life’s
peaks and valleys, and stuff in the middle.
Heavy on the middle stuff…

Palpatine’s Haircut

Bounty Hunters, the Quicker Picker Upper!
If you didn’t get that reference I’m not
explaining it to you.
Women have their hair stylists, men have their
barbers, it all washes out in the end.
I really love how Robot Chicken is sick and
twisted like it is, lots of imagination with
some really funny material makes for a
good time had by all.
You’ve got the face for it indeed…