Monthly Archives: September 2021

Body Builders

Jim Gaffigan with an overview of the muscle bound.
In a nutshell.
Jim is almost always good for a laugh, I wouldn’t bet
on getting one at tax time but that’s a given.
I worked at a gym for years, Mr. Gaffigan understands…

Death Awaits Us All!

Now that I have your attention…
The one thing that we all have in common is
we are all going to bite the big one!
And I’m the type of guy that laughs in the face
of death and dying!
Well, no not really, it’s more of a grimace and
a full scale sobbing of epic proportions, but it
kinda sounds like defiance if the wind is really
blowing and you have a hangover.
Today is for the dead and dying, this one’s for YOU…

Finnegan’s Wake

A wonderfully performed piece of humor by
the immensely talented Darby O’Gill.
Scott Messer sings lead vocals with the best of them.
I interviewed him on the show a while back, his
family is from County Cork, Ireland and he can
Irish with the best of them.
Funny as any band I’ve ever heard.
Gotta love the ad-libbing in between verses…