Monthly Archives: November 2023

Cliche Heaven

The late, great Ken Nordine had a very iconic voice.
He made a living doing spoken word pieces that
thoroughly enlightened and entertained the masses.
Often with a keen sense of humor attached.
How many are you familiar with?

Rattlin’ Bog

Darby O’Gill, with Scott Messer singing like a bird.
A great band, mostly Irish but not only.
Great personality on stage, they have good chemistry
with the crowd, excellent banter between and during
songs, and a tremendous sense of humor all make for
a superb time had by all.
I love to play this tune on the show…

Argument Clinic

A classic from the “A” heap!
There are so many classic pieces by Monty Python
it’s hard to list them all, but this one sits near the top.
Michael Palin, Graham Chapman, and Terry Jones with
a lesson on being civil.