Monthly Archives: June 2021

The Great Bell

An absolute keeper by the late, great Mary Feldman.
I just loved this guy in Young Frankenstein, top notch
acting with a screen presence to die for.
He released a comedy album back in the day and this
cut just rises to the top.
It is interesting to say the least…

A Friend With a Dog

An absolute classic by the immortal Bob Newhart.
I usually classify this as a comedy sketch but some
consider it to be stand-up comedy.
Today’s post…it’s stand-up.
I used to help raise Dobermans, this is NOT a
family dog in any way, shape or form!
That’s not to say they wouldn’t be a good fit in a
home that has children, cats, or old people.
Could be a great fit, but they are more for the
home that has burglers, homicidal maniacs,
prison escapees, and people I don’t like.
They do indeed love gumdrops, until they run out…

Point of View Gun

I have posted this once before, being a huge Douglas
Adams fan and totally enamored with The Hitchhikers
Guide to the Galaxy series I am doing so again.
The BBC Television series from 1981 was really good.
Not great on action but as is typical of British performances.
it has lots of intellect and superb acting.
This is from the 2005 flick starring Mos Def, Martin
Freeman, Sam Rockwell, and Zooey Deschanel.
Not a bad movie at all, it does take a few liberties to
make it more interesting, all in all a good time though.
The person who shoots this weapon at somebody will
give that person the shooter’s point of view.
Certainly, a nifty little gun of epic proportions.
I want one!
So does Zooey…